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Master Pan's consultancy work spans across many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, U.S.A, and Australia. Read reviews from our clients who have benefited from Master Pan's classes, consultations and guidance.
Genevie Yeo
Business Owner, Singapore

I first got to know about Master Pan- JH Metaphysics through my uni friend Jessica. I saw a significant career growth in my friend and got curious to ask her how did she got herself to raise so fast in her career. It was then I realised that she engaged master pan’s Fengshui assessment and audit which aid her in her career growth. I then let Master Pan audit my house, retail shop front and business has grown exponentially since then! The good thing about Master Pan is that he is very down to earth. He won't ask you to buy those very expensive remedy which many other Fengshui company does. He gives very practical advices and his remedy are usually very affordable which we can get from some small shops. He is also very patient, and welcoming. Always willing to help and share. If you ask me about his classes which he holds, I will say I gained so much insight of Fengshui / bazi reading and Qimen. I personally love the Qimen class, which he has taught! And I can't wait to attend his advanced Qimen class now. I have never come across a Fengshui advisor who is so practical and down to earth. I feel I'm always in good hands both home and business! He is definitely a good Fengshui master to go to if you need your bazi / home / career / business to be assessed! Thumbs up!

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Mylene Lim
Victoria, Australia

Every now and then you will hear someone saying “ FengShui and Bazi are nonsense and illogical. Qimen is rubbish and how can someone forecast future events ? “ Honestly, I also had many doubts initially until I attended Master Pan’s seminars 3 years ago.

Master Pan presented his seminars in a very simple and logical manner. The concepts he presented were put in the context of ‘today’s world’, were very relevant and could easily be applied. The atmospheres at the seminars were light hearted and fun. He used Bazi to tell us about certain months when we should be more cautious, and also applied good FengShui to my house. I texted him for help when I encountered difficulties in my life ,I found that his predictions were Accurate. I do not know how he does it, but it certainly made life better for my family. If there were challenging months ahead, he would tell us how to counteract the negative energies, and also how to enhance the positive energies. Over time, I have become a true believer. Many times he has helped me and I have actually seen negative events turn positive literally within a couple of days. Master Pan will always give advise on how to overcome one’s challenges.

He is patient, intuitive and very understanding.His ‘cures’ are always very simple and inexpensive.

He will always do enough and not encourage one to buy lots and lots of items as commonly recommended in the online websites. These online websites use scare mongering to sell lots of items. But Master Pan uses only very few but highly effective items.

It could be as simple as using some existing common household objects that are metallic or of specific colours. I only follow Master Pan’s advise. On one particular year, he predicted that my health needed protection for that year so he put a metal gourd and a water feature at the South West location which represented the mother figure. It turned out that year I did have a health scare. But luckily, it turned out to be minor.

I am very grateful to Master Pan for all his help. He has literally reduced the worst sort of worries in my life which are the ones that drive us crazy but we do not know what to do about. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who wants a better life and less worries because with Master Pan’s help, we can now do something about those times in our lives when things don’t go right.

One thing is for sure and that is, if I can do something to better my life, then Why Not? Life is short and full of ups and downs. If I can forsee and then counter the challenges, that is definitely better than to accept failures as ‘fate’. There is nothing worse than not being able to help a loved one overcome an obstacle in life but just sit and watch.

I have been attending Master Pan’s seminar for the past 3 years and every year I find his seminars more interesting because of the new concepts he introduces every year ( ie. Qimen ). Well done Master Pan I am looking forward to attending your next seminar in Melbourne, Australia.

Everlyn Tan

Master Pan is a good friend of mine for more than a decade but ironically I was a skeptic of Feng Shui. In 2012, he calculated that a bad incident to take place in my office and warehouse during 2014. Then on the 17 August 2014, a severe fire broke out in my office and warehouse. Since then, I have a yearly Feng Shui review for my office & warehouse by Master Pan who is also my benefactor. A heartfelt appreciation to him for making special arrangement to review my office and warehouse’s Feng Shui despite his super busy schedule. Master Pan’s Feng Shui advices have help a lot of people. YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME !!! Once again, I am very thankful and grateful of your help till date.

Vanessa Bacon
Infection Control Co-ordinator & Clinical Nurse Educator, Victoria, Australia

The Bazi seminar I attended on 4Mar2018 allows individuals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to support their environment and their trajectory for the upcoming year. Mr Pan provides this information in a fun, interactive and passionate manner allowing participants time to ask specific questions relating to their own situations. As a first time attendee I would strongly encourage others to attend this valuable seminar". A personalised bazi reading provides an in depth analysis of an individual’s situation in regard to the metaphysics for their year ahead. Mr. Pan dedicates valuable time to assist his clients and does so in a kind and open manner. I thank him wholeheartedly for providing me with the knowledge to make 2018 the best it can be for me and my family. “Mr. Pan has a way of making his clients feel they are talking with an old friend from the moment they meet him.

Angie Tom
Store Manager & Flower Stylist, Melbourne Australia

I first met Mr Pan at a Fengshui event, I then had a private reading. In that 1 hr reading I had with him he changed the way I looked at life. He helped lift so much stress and anxiety that I had been holding on to. He guided me to actually start living my life and go for opportunities that I once had just let pass by. I’ve just had my 2nd personal reading and he was very happy with my progress in just one year ! I use Fengshui for my home to help with positive energy to enter my life and to achiee my goals. Thank you so much Mr. Pan for all your help.

Jessica Quek
Financial Consultant, Singapore

I was looking for a career switch which could be a leap of faith. At that point of time, i was referred to see Master Pan for Bazi Analysis. He was a down to earth, friendly and selfless person, very detailed in his analysis and what makes him different over other masters is that he doesn't magnify the weaknesses and problems, instead he would advise on building strength and minimise weaknesses. I felt it wasnt just a one time analysis, he would always willingly spend more time helping me to understand my chart. Hence, he gave me a good impression that he is more like a consultant than a fortune teller. He empassed his skills by organising seminars and courses so there were greater insights in what he could teach. This is a very commendable effort by him. Subsequently, I have engaged him as my annual fengshui consultant and monthly consultant. It has always been insightful experiences with Master Pan and thus far, I am still thankful for his advices regards to fengshui and bazi. It definitely have helped me to develop better as an individual and for my businesses. I saw many positive changes in my life for the past few years. Today, i am still outperforming myself every single year in my new career. Thank you, Master Pan.

Wini Soo
Ad Operations Manager, Singapore

Being a Christian, I don’t believe in superstitions and worshipping of statues. When I was first introduced to Feng Shui, I had my fair share of doubts. However, I have found Master Pan’s service to be of a professional standard and his consultation is most relevant to the current situation. There have been many times where he would advise me to place certain elements (as simple as placing a colour mat) to counter the negative vibes and the situation changed almost instantly. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone to better understand how to manage our destiny.

Maureen Bacon
Leongatha, VIC Australia

I found my personalised reading to be incredibly accurate regarding my personality traits and intentions. The reading has given me confidence to make some challenging decisions given I have the metaphysics on my side !

Charles Wong
Sabah, Malaysia

Master Pan has been my mentor on Chinese metaphysics and a lot of aspects of life since 2018. After knowing him, I firmly believed in Chinese metaphysics and I always wanted to apply what I’ve learned to myself and my family. I received a lot of help and advice from him at all times.

Every year I also engaged Master consulting services for my house Fengshui and family Bazi. Master was able to provide us with a comprehensive analysis of my home’s Fengshui and personal Bazi, as well as practical changes to implement when needed. By doing this, I was able to rectify and improve our mindset and use to benefit my family and myself. In this way, all of us can also receive the positive qi provided from this year earth energy, whilst minimizing the impact of obstacles in an easy and non-disturbing manner.

Every year Master Pan organizes many courses on Chinese metaphysic. He can break down complex concepts into simple layman terms so that we can learn and understand easily. Therefore, I had to fly in from Sabah to attend the Master class and I never regret it.

In general, I love all the courses and services I have taken through Master. I have recommended the Master Pan consulting service to all my friends, family, and employer. I look forward to taking more lessons from Master.

Patterson Lakes, VIC Australia

I have been seeing Master Pan for three years. He does a fantastic job and I have been impressed by the accuracy of his readings. He has a calm manner about him and I feel very comfortable working with him to answer my questions. He is a good listener and I highly recommend him. Thanks

Dorothy Loh
California, USA

Junhui and I were very close childhood classmates. We lost contact for 40 years and as fate decreed, we finally got reunited in 2019. Though not in touch for 40 years, I could feel and sense right from the first meet up that he was still the same old friend I used to know : honest, sincere and upright. I have never let anyone read my bazi. Not that I did not believe in bazi and fengshui, but because I was skeptical about the integrity of many “Masters”. But with Junhui, I was at ease and did not have to worry. Junhui also introduced Qimen Dunjia to me which I thought only existed in shows and dramas. But he demonstrated its true existence in reality and I am now convinced that it is indeed a very powerful tool that can help and guide us in many aspects of our daily life. With the induced interest, I attended many of Junhui’s webinars and classes that were conducted in a simple and easy-to-understand manner and I benefitted from them tremendously. From these classes, I know why I am who I am today, my strengths and weaknesses, and how I should change and mould myself towards a better me.

I also applaud the motivational words and encouragements he gives to his clients. Besides giving solutions and counter measures, this positive energy he passes on to people certainly alleviates stress and calms worries.

I have also introduced Junhui to friends for his services. They were marveled by his accurate readings and forecasts and thanked me profusely for the recommendation.

It is a blessing to have reunited with Junhui. My friend and also my 贵人, whom I can turn to whenever I need Chinese metaphysics help. Thank you, Junhui!

Toh Wei
Executive Secretary, Singapore

I have been a customer of Master Pan since 2014 and have been recommending friends and collegues to him ever since. Master Pan has always been very patience and attentive to my queries and is definitely very accurate in his readings. I have also attended his training classes and seminars gaining a lot of knowledge and enriching experiences. Master Pan’s advise and readings has enabled me to be a more confident and better person over the years. Thank you.

Lim Jianhong
Senior Manager in Transportation Industry, Singapore

Over the past 2 years, I have been consulting Master Pan on personalised readings as well as analysis for my property. Master Pan has the ability to explain Bazi and Feng Shui dynamics in a scientific and easily understandable manner. His patience and friendliness makes every consultation session a comfortable and insightful one. His advice has introduced much positiveness in my life and had prompted me to refer numerous close friends to him as well.

Linda Foo
GM of a distribution company, Singapore

I have all this while been aware of the existence of metaphysics. However, I have never participated in any form of metaphysics though, whether it is via fortune reading or attending classes as I would think it is pretty scary to know what’s ahead for me. It was until sometime in 2016 when I was suddently asked if I was changing job (which I was !). That got me interested in finding out how that someone knew about it. He was none other than Master Pan, who was then tasked to help me decipher if a candidate could be recruited (I was looking for a replacement then). After which, I got more affliated to metaphysics through Master Pan who had done Bazi and Feng Shui reading for me; I also attended a few of his courses and seminars. From him, I have learnt much about metaphysics. Master Pan having learnt metaphysics the hard way. Therefore he fully understands the needs of new learners and is thus able to customize his teachings to help his students understand better and faster. Master Pan is approachable and helpful to his clients and students. You will definitely benefit from his services and sharing.

Olga Hewitt
Businesswoman, Patterson Lakes, VIC Australia

Two years ago my husband suffered a severe stroke. A close friend recommended for me to consult Master Pan in Singapore. Master Pan assured me that my husband will survive the stroke. More than a year later I applied for my husband to be transferred to a hospital closer to home so that I do not have to spend too much time travelling to Melbourne on a daily basis. The application hit some major obstacles. Master Pan recommended for me to install a water fountain with specific date & time of activation. A few days later my application for my husband’s transfer was approved. Since then I have been engaging Master Pan’s service to review the annual Feng Shui for my family. Master Pan is incredibly accurate in his readings. I do not see any conflict between my faith as a proud Catholic and seeking Master Pan’s expertise in Chinese Metaphysics to help me improve my wellbeing. Thank you very much Master Pan and I look forward to your continued services.

Ken & Alicia Ng
Businessman & Banker, Queensland, Australia

We have a valuable and insightful session with Mr. Pan as he explains the physics of Feng Shui in simple terms and has accurate readings. His is a modern and practical approach which is beneficial compared to the old traditional way of Feng Shui. Highly recommended to anyone who requires overcoming challenges and directions in life.

Joyce Chen

A friend recommended Mr. Pan to me in August 2019 as I wanted to engage a Fengshui Master to review my home. I am a firm believer in Fengshui but do not have any experience with Bazi reading. Mr. Pan is the first person who read my Bazi and that of my husband and the entire family as well. I am very impressed with his Bazi reading and predictions insofar as they are very accurate.

Mr. Pan checked the Fengshui of my home in February 2020 and he recommended a few items to be placed here and there. He pointed out that my husband and I have arguments every now and then and thus wanted me to put a rock salt lamp in the living room. I must say that we both have argued much less since then.

I appreciate Mr. Pan very much as he is helpful, responsive and practical. He would do his utmost to help no matter how busy his schedule is. I had met several Fengshui masters before and Mr. Pan is the first Master I have seen so far who has no airs and ever so ready to help me or any of his clients. I also wish to put in writing how much I appreciate Mrs. Pan or Menghui too as she is extremely helpful and kind.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Pan’s service to any of my contacts and it has been extremely pleasant talking to him. To be very honest, I wish I had met Mr. Pan much earlier as he could have provided his advice during my difficult years and things would turn out very differently for me as well. But better late than never.

Nicki Kuurman
Proprietor, Universal Calm Carrum, VIC Australia

Mr Pan’s Fengshui service and seminars have been very helpful to our family over the past 3 years. We have employed Mr Pan’s services for improving our home, businesses and investments and have seen big improvements in our wellbeing and happiness. We are very thankful for the knowledge and expertise Mr Pan has shared with us and our many friends over the past few years and we look forward to his next trip to Australia.

Ali & Yan Yee
Specialist in Exhibition & Interior Field

It all started off when I attended one of Master Pan’s annual FengShui & Astrology Seminar. Master Pan is an all-rounder learned man who knows how to utilize his knowledge of FengShui, Astrology, BaZi & QiMen to help people in need to solve their personal issues. We have known Master Pan for many years, but we were initially skeptical about FengShui. The cost of improving the house FengShui was also one of the reasons that hindered us from exploring further. However, Master Pan would always tell us that there are many reasonably cheap items and effective ways to remedy a bad house FengShui inorder to create a positive environment to enhance our life. This is so unlike other masters who will try to sell their FengShui items at a price. We engaged Master Pan to review our house FengShui and BaZi readings every year. Being an all-rounder in the metaphysics, Master Pan is a logical, practical and heartwarming person. His readings are accrurate. At one point in time, he has guided me out of my self-made hopelessly stressed and anxious moments and gave me confidence to pull myself up and move forward once again. Last September, my husband (Ali) had a bad incident. We were engrossed with our own work that when his incident happened, I went back to check on the notes that I had written down when Master Pan did our BaZi review. I realized that I had forgotten to warn Ali that he had to be very cautious and alert as during that period there could be some mishap as that year was the start of his changing luck cycle/year ! Unlike the old school thinking, Master Pan would always reiterate that if you foresee anything bad about to happen, do not sit there waiting for it to happen as if it is our fate. Always counteract with a positive action to void off the bad things. As Master Pan always mentioned in his seminar “Fate is not Destiny, But a matter of Choice”. Being muslim, we do not see any conflict between our faith and these metaphysics. In fact I believe it is possible to intertwine both in one to improve our wellbeing. For anyone who are new to these area of metaphysics, we would recommend Master Pan’s service as he is an ethical, trustworthy, patient and knowledgeable master who will give you his best advice.

Ng Su Yee
Banking, Singapore

Master Pan is one of a kind. When I first met him last year through my brother from Australia, I was expecting the usual BaZi reading whereby I would be told of my fortune and be warned to be careful at certain stages of my life. First of all, he accurately read from my BaZi that I have a health issue. On top of that, he went out of his way during the year end peak period to meet up with me and even provided advise from a FengShui perspective to help with my health. Master Pan has never sold or ask us to purchase any fancy FengShui items. He believed that there are simple everyday items which can be used instead to help counteract bad FengShui. Instead of plainly reading one’s fortune, Master Pan acts like a consultant, providing advise on how to make full use of our skill sets to enhance our job value or how to make full use of a ‘clash’ period to our benefit. My challenging 10 year cycle starts this year (most would interpret that bad things will follow one after another). However Master Pan viewed this positively and encourages me to do new things, embrace self made changes instead of sitting around waiting for something bad to happen to me. He believes and reiterates that Fate is not our Destiny but a matter of choice. He is very knowledgeable and able to complement & apply BaZi, FengShui and QiMen to their best effect. I am relatively new to metaphysics and I appreciate Master Pan’s advise, patience and genuine efforts to help me navigate my way. I would highly recommend interested parties to seek out Master Pan (or attend his courses, they are so interesting and do go with an open mind).

LY Wong
Business Development Director (FMCG)

I was introduced to Master Pan 3 years ago by a mutual friend. Being new to Chinese Metaphysics, I was initially skeptical about what it is and decided to make the first appointment with Master Pan. At that time, I encountered a lot of challenges with my career and personal life. Master Pan listened patiently to my problems and gave constructive advice based on my Bazi. What fascinated me most was that his explaination was clear, simple and address straight to the point. In addition, Master Pan also does my house FengShui review every year to ensure that positive Qi balance are inplace. I am grateful to Master Pan and would strongly recommend his services to all.

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